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Motive For Cold-Blooded Killing Baffles Local Cops




|| By FITSNEWS ||  On Sunday afternoon shortly after 4:50 p.m. EDT, 55-year-old David Roy Anderson was filling up his Ford F-150 at a convenience store located on the corner of Highway 76 and Torrington Road in Clinton.  After he left the store and returned to his truck, a black male approached him at the pump and shot him multiple times before fleeing the scene in a silver compact sedan driven by another person.

The car was located several hours later in nearby Joanna, S.C.

Thirty-year-old Marvin Molquie Watson, of Laurens, S.C. and 20-year-old Zeryikia Copeland of Clinton were arrested in connection with the murder.

Watson was apprehended a few blocks away from where the vehicle was discovered, while Copeland turned herself in to police.

Here’s Watson’s mugshot …

(Click to enlarge)

flag killing

(Via Laurens County)

Both Watson and Copeland are currently being held at the R. Eugene Johnson Detention Center in Laurens, S.C., where they are awaiting a bond hearing.

Why is this killing newsworthy?  Aside from the typical “if it bleeds it leads” editorial value?

According to police, Watson and Copeland had no known relationship with Anderson.  And they didn’t rob him.

“Our victim appeared to be getting gas, went inside the store,” Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain told local television station WSPA TV 7 (Greenville-Spartanburg – CBS). “(He) came back out there was a vehicle at the pumps as well … appeared to get his attention before he left and just shot our victim.”

According to Chastain, there is “no known motive” for the shooting.

What on earth?

A popular local rumor suggested Anderson was shot because his truck allegedly displayed a Confederate flag on its driver’s side rear bumper.  In fact one source went so far as to suggest the perpetrators may have followed him to the gas station with the intention of killing him because of the flag.

Laurens County Sheriff’s deputies have flatly denied those reports.

“There is no Confederate flag sticker on that truck,” a spokeswoman at the agency told FITS, confirming deputies had “looked over every inch of that truck.”

Hmmmm …

We’ll be sure to keep our readers posted if we hear anything else regarding a possible motivation for this murder.

UPDATE: According to local authorities, the killing was the result of a case of road rage and mistaken identity.