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Today’s Tuneage: “Ada”



|| By FITSNEWS || Yesterday it was Stevie Wonder‘s “Part-time Lover” stuck in our heads … today it’s “Ada” by Cincinnati, Ohio-based The National (off their 2007 album Boxer).

And yeah … if you’re not swooning over the distinctive baritone stylings of lead singer Matt Berninger, then you’re obviously in need of some serious reeducation when it comes to sex appeal.

Why are we doing “Today’s Tuneage” again?  Eh … good question.

We were down in Charleston, S.C. recently when a friend of ours started humming a song by “The Strokes,” the New York City-based retro rock band we featured on our site years ago.  Apparently he got hip to the band after reading our post – and has since become a big fan.

“You need to bring that back,” our friend said, referring to our on-again, off-again habit of featuring music we like.

Good call …