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SC State Plays The Race Card




|| By FITSNEWS || This website has weighed in previously on the drama surrounding S.C. State University (SCSU), the chronically mismanaged institution of “higher” learning that’s been relying on unconstitutional taxpayer bailouts to keep its doors open.

Our view?  All government run colleges and universities should be set free to pursue their destinies in the private sector.

“Higher education” simply isn’t a core function of government … and even if it were, there is no excuse for subsidizing thirty-three government run schools (with more than 80 campus locations) in a state as small as South Carolina.  No wonder our government spends such a disproportionately high percentage of its budget on higher ed!

Anyway … S.C. State is the worst of the lot, dogged by rampant corruption, shady boondoggles, overblown bureaucracy and questionable expenses for its leaders.

But that’s not stopping its supporters from playing the race card in a desperate bid to keep the taxpayer-funded gravy train flowing …

A petition on the website alleges SCSU is being “discriminated on” by governor Nikki Haley and S.C. House budget writers due to its status as a historically black college and university (HBCU).

“Many students and alumni claim their public HBCUs are being discrimated on by their state governments, as is with South Carolina State University and the South Carolina governor and House,” the petition stated.


How predictable.  And ridiculous.

First of all, we’re not discriminating against SCSU.  As we stated above, our support for the immediate privatization of higher education in South Carolina extends to all government-run schools.

As for state lawmakers who are singling SCSU out?  We hate to break it to the school’s supporters, but these lawmakers aren’t going after SCSU because it’s historically black … they’re going after SCSU because it is a financial black hole.

Bottom line?  Supporters of SCSU need to STFU.