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SC Legislative Taxi Service Back In Action




|| By FITSNEWS || In May of 2013, this website exposed the existence of a government-funded “late night taxi service for drunk lawmakers, lobbyists and their mistresses” run by the S.C. House Sergeant at Arms’ office.

The service – which ferried its passengers to and from various parties and downtown Columbia watering holes – came to light after a lawmaker was arrested for driving under the influence.  Asked whether he would usually drive in such an intoxicated state, the legislator responded “no, I have drivers.”

And he did …

After a little digging, we discovered the S.C. House maintained a legislative taxi fleet consisting of “several (Ford) Crown Vics and two (Chevy) Tahoes” – and that a similar fleet was maintained by the S.C. Senate.  Of course three days after our report ran … the taxi service shut down.

Not for long, though …

Multiple lawmakers have confirmed to FITS that the taxi service is back in action – and has been for some time.  In fact we received reports this week that one of its arch-abusers the last go-round – S.C. Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter of Orangeburg, S.C. – was once again availing herself of the free taxpayer-subsidized travel.

Look: We don’t begrudge those who provide legislative security for keeping a few vehicles at the ready.  That makes sense in the event there is an emergency and certain legislative leaders need to be transported someplace safely.

But state lawmakers using government assets because they are too drunk to drive – or because they want to look important in front of their lovers – that’s ridiculous.  And a practice that should be stopped … again.