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Letter: FITS Is “Corrupt” Media




Hey Fits News –

I have read your unfair coverage of the Josh Kimbrell case and buddy, you are clueless.  Thanks to corrupt media people like you, you’ll forever share responsibility for the welfare of Tristan Kimbrell! You only wish you knew the inside story!

Did you know that Kacy Lyons Kimbrell Hatmaker VOLUNTARILY submitted herself to a complete psychological exam AND a lie detector test and passed both with flying colors?  And by the same token, her ex-husband, Josh Kimbrell REFUSED? As they say, “facts are a stubborn” thing.  Did you know that the South Carolina DSS is being investigated in a federal class action suit for being so poorly run and for horrific crimes against children being overlooked and improperly investigated? Do you think that maybe that, along with the bottom-less family resources, privilege and power of the media afforded to Josh, may have made a difference in the outcome here?  You have NO IDEA what Kacy has endured over the years at the hands of her “slick Willy” and abusive ex-husband.  She is sick with worry for her child.  I am a mother and grieve with her.  Shame, shame, shame, on you!  Kacy is a wonderful mother and she (all for Tristan) is the one who needs advocates!

All I can say for Josh is that “his sin will find him out” in time if he is guilty (I only say “if” because we are supposed to say “innocent until proven guilty.”) But this farce of hearings of late, a corrupt DSS, wealthy parents, Josh and radio, and YOU, did not allow for the truth to be told.  And God will not be mocked! A man reaps what he sows! (Galations).  That includes corrupt media people too.

In the meantime, that … boy is continuing to suffer!


hatmaker letter


sic speaking

Anon: First of all thanks for sending this.  We appreciate the perspective very much.  As for your question “did I know about SCDSS,” of course I did – no one has done more to expose that agency than I have.  No one.  As for the Kimbrell case in particular, FITS has covered its developments as they have happened … and we make no apologies for reporting on the determinations of SCDSS, the local family court and most recently, an Upstate solicitor who is clearly at odds with Kimbrell.  In the event Kacy wishes to tell her side of the story, I am more than happy to publish it – whether that’s coming from her, her attorney or anonymous supporters such as yourself.  Seems pretty “fair” coming from “corrupt media people” like me, don’t you think?

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