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Curtis Loftis: Just Say “NO” To Bailout For SCSU President




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis says embattled S.C. State University (SCSU) president Thomas Elzey should not continue to receive payment while he is on administrative leave.  Loftis also opposes proposals that would pay Elzey two years worth of salary ($326,000 plus 30 percent more in benefits) in the event he is terminated from his post.

In a reversal of its previous position on Elzey, the chronically mismanaged institution of higher learning placed the  on administrative leave this week – less than two years after he was hired to turn the school around.  The decision came shortly after U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn – who basically runs SCSU – came out in opposition to Elzey continuing on as president.

Where are taxpayers on the issue?

Well, if Loftis’ Facebook page is any indication … they are 100 percent in agreement with him: Elzey should not get another dime.

South Carolina lawmakers have proposed shutting SCSU down for a year in order to allow the school to get its fiscal house in order – although that “solution” ignores the fact that this historically black school is on an unsustainable fiscal path due to high overhead and declining enrollment.

SCSU is one of thirty-three government-run institutions of “higher learning” in the Palmetto State – an abnormally high number of colleges for a state of fewer than five million people.  No wonder taxpayers spend roughly 18 percent of the state budget on “higher education” – well above the national average of around 10 percent.

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Also, that last link includes the results of a FITS poll regarding SCSU’s future … one in which more than 1,000 readers responded.

What did they think?  As of this writing, 54 percent (585 voters) said SCSU should be shut down … permanently.  Meanwhile 29 percent (320 voters) said the school should be shut down temporarily.  Only 17 percent (185 voters) said SCSU should continue receiving money from taxpayers.