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Another One For The “Lindsey Graham Is Crazy” File




|| By FITSNEWS || Another week, another national media outlet challenging the efficacy of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham‘s “bomb everybody” foreign policy.

This time it’s W. James Antle III writing for Rare.Us (a.k.a. America’s news feed) …

“Is Lindsey Graham really an adult on foreign policy?  Or an erratic child?” Antle’s headline blares.  Then he’s off and running on a nice, concise recapitulation of some of Graham’s most bizarre insta-reversals on the subject.

You know … like when the wanna-be prez-o-dent said “Iran with a nuclear capability is the greatest threat the world will know in my lifetime” not long after telling the administration of Barack Obama that “the Iranians can provide some assets” in the fight to protect the Middle East from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“We need to coordinate with the Iranians,” Graham said.


Of course Graham is the same guy who has argued both sides of the coin in Syria … so it shouldn’t be surprising when he flips it to suit his purposes, never hesitating to commit the blood and treasure of our nation on a whim.

“Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Graham just wants to use military force in the region, with the details to be worked out later,” Antle wrote.

Exactly … that’s it exactly.  And that’s also exactly why our government’s defense budgets are spiraling out of control at a time when fiscal sanity is desperately needed.

Antle added that while ISIS is indeed a “grotesque” enemy … “there is something indiscriminate about the way a leading Republican, considered one of the party’s adults on national security, approaches our enemies, the world and the use of military force.”

We concur …

ISIS is clearly bad news … but Antle is correct.  We cannot counter this new threat with mindless, indiscriminate interventionism.  Otherwise we’ll wind up spending another $6 trillion (and losing thousands of additional American lives) on another undeclared war that doesn’t make our country safer.

Graham’s fiscal liberalismhatred of liberty and personal hypocrisy are one thing (well, three things) … and ample reason to reject his candidacy.  But it is his incessant, unfocused and inconsistent warmongering that make him truly dangerous.