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Frat Boy Calls “Dibs” On Nikki Haley’s Daughter




|| By FITSNEWS || We try not to write about the family members of elected officials … at least not without good reason.

It’s unseemly … especially when children are involved.

Of course when politicians use their offspring as political props, they shouldn’t be surprised when people take pot shots. And when politicians use their positions of power to secure certain advantages for their offspring .. well.

Let’s just say in such situations they probably shouldn’t throw hissy fits …

Anyway … earlier this week Haley posted a photo on Instagram of her husband, S.C. first gentleman Michael Haley, posing with the couple’s teenaged daughter Rena Haley.

“I couldn’t love these two more,” the governor wrote.

Awwww, right?

Indeed …

Spoiling the mood?  A wanna-be Alex P. Keaton named Joseph Shaneyfelt who publishes a blog entitled “Reagan Revived: The Art of Frattiness.”

No really … he does.

Shaneyfelt’s take on Haley’s pic?  See for yourself …

(Click to enlarge)


(Pic: Instagram)

Yeah … dude called “dibs.”

Wait … what is “dibs?”  For those of you tragically unhip, “dibs” is defined by Urban Dictionary as “the most powerful force in the universe … used to call possession of a certain object or idea.”

More specifically, “calling dibs” refers to a man staking a claim on a woman.

“Whoever spots a pretty girl first can ‘call dibs’ on her,” the website explained.  “That way he can make sure none of his buddies would make a move on her.”

Classy, classy, classy …

Our guess is Shaneyfelt is just doing his best to shed the “Young Republican” stigma, but his “total frat move” seems unlikely have the desired effect.