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SC: A Tale Of Two “Winning” Senators




By FITSNEWS  ||  South Carolina’s two United States Senators are from opposite ends of the Palmetto State.  One is black, the other is white.  One has been in Washington, D.C. for less than four years – the other has been there for more than two decades.  One is part of the emerging limited government wing of the U.S. Senate … the other is a hard core tax-and-spend liberal.

One likes girls, the other …

You know what, never mind.

Basically, the only real similarity between Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott is their shared likelihood of being reelected in 2014 – Graham to a third six-year term and Scott to fill the remaining two years of the term vacated by former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

Yet within these two looming victories lies a storyline worth considering … namely the vote totals and the margins of victory Graham and Scott are expected to achieve next week.

According to the latest New York Times/ CBS/ YouGov polling, Graham currently leads his Democratic opponent – S.C. Sen. Brad Hutto – by a 40-26 percent margin.  Eight percent of the electorate is supporting independent petition candidate Thomas Ravenel, while two percent are backing Libertarian Victor Kocher.

Nineteen percent of respondents are “not sure” who they will support.

When voters who lean “Republican” or Democratic are thrown into the mix, Graham leads Hutto 43-28 percent.

In the other race, Scott leads his Democratic opponent Joyce Dickerson by a much broader 53-26 percent margin – with 15 percent undecided.  When leaners are included, Scott’s lead expands to 56-28 percent.

In other words, Scott’s support is 13 percentage points higher than Graham’s no matter how you slice it … according to this survey, anyway.

Democratic operatives are conceding Scott’s seat, but they say Graham’s race could be closer than expected.

“(Hutto) is only getting 62 percent of the African-American vote because he’s still unknown,” one Democratic consultant told FITS. “Should he end up with 95 percent of that vote, the closeness of this race will surprise people.”

Obviously Hutto isn’t going to win … but Graham’s margin of victory, unlike Scott’s, is shaping up to be well south of a “mandate.”  It’s just a shame this most dangerous of career politicians couldn’t have been taken out altogether …