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Cook: SC Realtors “Busted” In Greenville



By JOSHUA COOK  ||  Hopefully the South Carolina Association of Realtors is better at selling houses than telling the truth, because they were just caught in a big, fat lie regarding the Greenville County, S.C. proposed tax hike.

In a recent mail piece, the Realtors group claimed that food would be exempt from the “one cent” sales tax increase on the ballot November 4.

That’s a lie. Groceries and unprepared food will be included in the proposed sales tax increase.

Some Greenville county council members, who are bought and paid by special interest groups, sold this lie to the public too. and Americans for Prosperity exposed the lie though.

“If the sales tax hike passes, Greenville County will see higher prices for groceries like milk, eggs and bread,” stated Americans for Prosperity South Carolina state director Dave Schwartz. “If the politicians and lobbyists are misleading citizens on this fact, what else are they being less than truthful about? As if it’s not bad enough to sock Greenville county’s poorest citizens with a tax hike on their basic necessities, the proponents can’t seem to conduct their campaign accurately.”

The wording of the proposal includes enforces the sales tax hike on those who don’t use food stamps for items like bread, milk, eggs and water.

The damage is already done. The people who voted via absentee ballots were given false information by South Carolina Association of Realtors and the Greenville county council.

Greenville county councilman Butch Kirven told, “Blame me” for misinforming the public about the “1-cent” tax hike.

The simple truth is Kirven has lost the public’s trust and should resign from office.

A quick call to the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) would have cleared things up. But no one took the time, including the media, to investigate the truth except local activists. Listen to the SCDOR explain that groceries would be taxed if the transportation tax hike passed.

This is a clear example of why we cannot trust our elected officials to tell us the truth.

Will an incompetent government some how magically start being competent with more taxpayer money?

Greenville citizens should vote NO on November 4th and send groups like the South Carolina Association of Realtors a message that we don’t appreciate their misleading campaign or their cronyism.

Joshua Cook is the acting Chairman for the Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina. He is the founder and organizer of and wants to defeat the proposed “penny” tax that will be on the ballot November 4th.

UPDATE: Realtors’ respond.