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Trey Gowdy Appears In Mark Trail




By FITSNEWS  ||  We’ve never heard of Mark Trail  but apparently it’s some famous environmental comic strip that’s been around for decades and is syndicated to dozens of newspapers around the country.

So it’s “kind of a big deal.” Well … to the extent that people, you know, still read comic strips.

Anyway, South Carolina’s own Trey Gowdy – who represents the state’s fourth congressional district in Washington, D.C. – made an appearance in Mark Trail  this week.

Gowdy appeared alongside the strip’s protagonist, described as a “handsome outdoorsman and photojournalist for Woods and Wildlife magazine” who “spends his days hunting, fishing and pursuing simple pleasures.”

Gowdy’s cameo prompted some to speculate on why the comic strip – which routinely features fictional characters – chose to include him.

“Why are real elected humans appearing in this strip all of the sudden, instead of random fake baldheaded senators?” one blogger mused. “Well, it’s possible that Trey Gowdy is desperate to woo environmentalist constituents and overcome his extremely low scores from the League of Conservation Voters, and so has paid good money to appear in this tree-hugger comic strip.”

Here’s the strip starring Gowdy …

(Click to enlarge)

mark trail

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Yeah … if you can make heads or tails of what’s going on, you’re a more enlightened reader than we are (editor’s note: that’s not saying much).