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Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize …




Five years ago, U.S. president Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  What did he do to get it?  Um, nothing.  The award was “aspirational” – in honor of Obama’s “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

In other words his Teleprompter won it …

Anyway, since his 2009 “peace prize” victory Obama has attacked seven predominantly Muslim nations – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.  In most of those cases, he acted without congressional authorization.  Not only that, Obama’s administration has also participated in the unconstitutional overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government.

Peace?  Please …

This website has been relentlessly critical of America’s perpetual warmongering – in which our fearmongering leaders continue to pinball from one enemy to the next in the hopes of appeasing the war gods.

Consider this commentary from Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept

It was just over a year ago that Obama officials were insisting that bombing and attacking Assad was a moral and strategic imperative. Instead, Obama is now bombing Assad’s enemies while politely informing his regime of its targets in advance. It seems irrelevant on whom the U.S. wages war; what matters it that it be at war, always and forever.

Six weeks of bombing hasn’t budged ISIS in Iraw but it has caused ISIS recruitment to soar. That’s all predictable: the U.S. has known for years that what fuels and strengthens anti-American sentiment (and thus anti-American extremism) is exactly what they keep doing: aggression in that region. If you know that, then they know that. At this point, it’s more rational to say they do all of this not despite  triggering those outcomes, but because  of it. Continuously creating and strengthening enemies is a feature, not a bug. It is what justifies the ongoing greasing of the profitable and power-vesting machine of Endless War.

If there is anyone who actually believes that the point of all of this is a moral crusade to vanquish the evil-doers of ISIS (as the U.S. fights alongside its close Saudi friends), please read Professor As’ad AbuKhalil’s explanation today of how Syria is a multi-tiered proxy war. As the disastrous Libya “intervention” should conclusively and permanently demonstrate, the U.S. does not bomb countries for humanitarian objectives. Humanitarianism is the pretense, not the purpose.

Amen …

If there is no enemy, America will create one.  And then it will attack that enemy – lying about its reasons for doing so as well as the costs and consequences of intervening.

“Such is the utter ridiculousness of American foreign policy – which forces taxpayers who are already in the hole nearly $18 trillion to subsidize both sides of a conflict that only serves to stoke anti-American passions, making us less safe as a county,” we wrote recently.

And that’s the bottom line …

More than $6 trillion (and several thousand lives) were spent on the last “War on Terror,” which was fought to keep America safe.  Now we’re told all that conflict did was create an even more menacing enemy – one that must be eradicated if our way of life is to survive.

Sheesh …

Bulls on parade, people. Bulls on parade.