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S.C. Sen. Karl Allen – whose tax problems this website has previously exposed – wants the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to take responsibility for the homeless residents living underneath the Pete Hollis Bridge in Greenville, S.C.

According to a letter sent by Allen to the SCDOT, the state is attempting to “neglect its duties” related to the sixty or so residents of “Tent City.”

Specifically Allen blasts S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s new SCDOT director – Janet Oakley – for her “failure to address the homeless population that (her) agency has allowed to reside under the Pete Hollis Bridge.”

“It is my understanding that the SCDOT acknowledges that the agency is aware and has been aware of the homeless population and that you also have knowledge of the immediate unsafe and hazardous conditions existing,” he writes (emphasis original) .

Allen goes on to say this exposes the state to “liability” and that he has “zero tolerance for the alleged neglect of responsibility associated with this group of South Carolinians.”

Allen refers to the residents of “Tent City” at one point as “our homeless brothers and sisters,” but it’s clear his angle is blocking what he refers to as “SCDOT’s alleged attempt to … inartfully pass this obligation to the County of Greenville by lease or sale of State owned property.”

“Tent City” is reportedly on the verge of being shut down as the county seeks to acquire the property from the state.  As many as thirty homeless residents have already left the area in anticipation of this property transfer – aided by a network of non-profit groups.  More than sixty people reportedly remain under the bridge.

Down the road from Greenville, the state’s capital city made national news last year when it approved – and then rescinded – a plan to exile its homeless population from the downtown area to the suburbs.