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People across America are responding to the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri in different ways.   To read our latest article on the madness, CLICK HERE.  To read a guest column from one of our readers, CLICK HERE.  And to read former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul‘s take on the situation, CLICK HERE.

So … how are educators at government-run schools responding?

Well, according to Mike Kaechele – a social studies teacher at Kent Innovation High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan – the shooting that led to the riots in Ferguson is further evidence of “institutional racism” in America.  The riots themselves?  They’re patriotic.

Like the Boston Tea Party …

“The tragic event of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have led to protests and rioting against police brutality,” Kaechele wrote on his Concrete Classroom blog. “It brings to the surface (again) the institutional racism that has always been in our country.”

Beyond this “educator’s” lack of tense agreement … huh?

This guy’s politically correct insanity is just getting warmed up, though …

“I think white privilege causes some to look at Ferguson as an excuse for criminal activity rather than a political protest,” Kaechle added.

He then posted this image to further his point …

(Click to enlarge)

ferguson versus bostons


Good Lord …

Scariest of all, Kaechele encourages fellow educators to use his image in class – as a conversation starter to help them “gauge (students’) viewpoint on the events in Ferguson.”

Sheesh … let the indoctrination begin, right?