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Tom Ervin Launches New Website



The gubernatorial campaign of self-styled “independent Republican” Tom Ervin has launched a new website – a nifty, image and video-heavy web page that lets voters sample his various television spots.

“This site provides voters a comprehensive resource on Tom’s positions,” said Ervin’s spokesman Christian Hertenstein. “The site also has typography based design, unusual for a typical political candidate, but fitting for Tom. We created a platform that would reflect his independent thinking and common sense solutions.”

Ervin is running as a petition candidate in the November 4 gubernatorial election.  Thus far his campaign has taken a “center right” tack in challenging the failed leadership of incumbent “Republican” Nikki Haley – offering a mix of fiscally conservative and socially “progressive” policy positions.

Also running for the state’s top executive post?  Democrat Vincent Sheheen, Libertarian Steve French and United Citizens Party candidate Morgan Bruce Reeves.

Recent media polling shows Haley with a four-point lead over Sheheen, although that was before Ervin started spending money on his pre-Labor Day television blitz.

To check out Ervin’s spiffy new website for yourself, click the link below …


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