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This website doesn’t do “hot Republicans.” When the Grand Old Party died for us (the result of its terminal hypocrisy on freedom and free market issues), so did our affinity for the leggy, aesthetically endearing women who toe its line.

Or at least those who are considered by some to be aesthetically endearing …

We’re obviously also not big on sanctimonious moralizers … or apologists for our nation’s out-of-control military-industrial complex. We’re pro-life and pro-military, to be sure, but we don’t appreciate Bibles being thumped in our faces – or trillions of dollars and thousands of lives being wasted on military engagements that do not serve the national interest.

Having said all that … we can’t help but like Holly Fisher, the Charleston, West Virginia-based wife of a combat vet whose social media exploits have caused more than a few conniptions amongst America’s desperate-to-be-offended liberal establishment.

Fisher started poking the P.C. police on July 1 with this tweet …

Liberal apoplexy ensued … which only encouraged Fisher to up the ante a few days later.

Wowzas …

In the wake of her pics, Fisher has become a minor celebrity … and the substance, snark and seductiveness with which she’s engaged the marketplace of ideas during her fifteen minutes of fame has earned our respect. We may not agree with her on everything, but the way she’s handled critics and fans alike is refreshing … a sign of someone perfectly comfortable in her own skin and perfectly unconcerned with the heat she takes for expressing herself.

Speaking of critics, Fisher also become a top target of hypocritical leftists – who on the one hand bemoan society’s objectification of women but on the other have hurled all sorts of aspersions on Fisher’s appearance.


Home girl’s hot … muy hot. Even when she sticks her tongue out (or especially when she sticks her tongue out, according to our founding editor).

Who knew there were chromosomal normalities in West Virginia?

Barack Obama once said too many “bitter” people in America clung to “guns or religion.” Well Fisher isn’t bitter, she’s frankly a breath of fresh air in a discourse that way too often takes itself way too seriously (this website included). And while we’d love to show her the light regarding some of the establishment GOP politicians she rolls with, for now – to borrow the line from A Few Good Men – we’re glad she’s “on that wall.”

Our Facebook wall, that is …

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