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National Dems Now Spreading Nikki Haley Tuberculosis Lie




South Carolina Democrats have plenty of ammunition to use against first-term “Republican” Gov. Nikki Haley … which is why it baffles us they are continuing to resort to lies.

Well … one big lie.

This website has reported extensively on efforts by the S.C. Democratic Party (SCDP) to lay the blame for a 2013 tuberculosis outbreak in Greenwood County, S.C. at Haley’s feet.  Now national Democrats are entering the fray – echoing the state party’s false claims in a press release accompanying a new advertisement targeting Haley.

“(Haley) withheld the fact that millions of South Carolinians had their personal financial information hacked on her watch and that children had been put at risk from a tuberculosis outbreak in public schools,” Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA) communications director Danny Kanner said in a statement.

Obviously the first part of that comment – regarding the 2012 #SCHacked scandal – is 100 percent true.

However the latter part of Kanner’s claim – regarding the tuberculosis outbreak – is 100 percent false.

As this website has exhaustively reported (herehereherehere, and here), culpability for this fiasco rests exclusively with the local school bureaucracy (specifically Greenwood School District 52).  District officials ignored state law by failing to test an infected employee, then they actively engaged in a coverup after this employee infected dozens of children with the disease.

Of course Democrats are loathe to admit this because they are slaves to America’s failed government-run school system. And admitting a major failure on the part of that system would obviously deprive S.C. Senator Vincent Sheheen (their gubernatorial candidate) of one of his badly needed rhetorical crutches.

So they’re lying … looking to pin the scandal onto Haley.

Democrats don’t need to make stuff up about Nikki Haley to score major political points … she’s given them enough scandals and miscues to launch a hundred television commercials.

That’s what makes the Democrats’ ongoing reliance on this tuberculosis fiction so puzzling …

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