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Dueling SC Superintendent Audio




This website has made its position on the upcoming runoff election for S.C. Superintendent of Education pretty clear: We’re against Democratic union lobbyist Molly Spearman, who for transparently self-serving reasons is running as a “Republican.”

Read our reasons why HERE … 

Anyway, the campaigns of Spearman and her opponent, Sally Atwater, have been all over us in recent days.  Both factions have audio clips of their opponents that they want to get out into the bloodstream.

First, we have a clip of Spearman taken from a recent appearance on WTMA radio in Charleston, S.C. – a clip in which Spearman has some trouble addressing the controversial Common Core federal education standards.

“Molly was on the show and admitted she hasn’t read the Common Core standards after saying she was against them,” Servatius says by way of explaining the clip. “When I pointed out that she has had three positions on them since January, she didn’t disagree.”

Here’s that audio …

(Click to play)

Yikes …

Next up we have an unflattering clip of Atwater during an appearance on Greenville’s WORD radio – in which she struggles (mightily) to define her position on the issue of sex education in the classroom.

After Atwater’s interview was complete, WORD host Russ Cassell opined “what you have just heard is an example of a person running for public office on name recognition only who is clueless.”

Here’s that segment …

(Click to play)

Hmmmmmmm … yeah.

After the embarrassingly anemic turnout we saw in last week’s GOP and Democratic statewide primaries, we think it will be a miracle if anyone shows up to vote at all next Tuesday … and certainly these videos aren’t going to help either candidate.