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The Real War On Women




We were recently turned on to Cathy Reisenwitz by a friend of ours …

Reisenwitz is editor at Young Voices and chief blogger at Sex and the State. She’s a free market feminist, as near as we can tell, and an expert on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies – which she (correctly) views as free market antidotes to the perpetually metastasizing malignancy of the federal government.

And yes, “perpetually metastasizing malignancy” was us trying to show off …

“She’s very young, but seems to be getting some attention in the libertarian community,” our friend said.

Indeed …

Anyway, as much as we’d love to focus on Reisenwitz’s crypto-currency views we were most impressed by her observations on the subject of feminism.

“Feminist issues are nearly always more nuanced than the left and the right make them out to be,” Reisenwitz recently told Coin Telegraph. “A good example is the gender wage gap. The left claims it results mostly or only from gender-based discrimination. The data indicates that’s not actually the case, once you correct for choices like hours worked, education, experience, etc. The right claims the gap is purely the result of women’s choices. But that’s not really correct, either.”

So … what is the real source of the gender wage gap?

Well, without making any sort of sweeping indictment Reisenwitz points to several problems emanating from government, “like the fact that immigration restrictions and regulations make childcare more expensive than college tuition in most states, or the fact that at the lower end of the income scale, female-dominated professions are more likely to require a license.”

Nice …

Also, the last time we checked the federal government was still paying women 87 percent as much as men.

“I want to demonstrate how the government itself is the war on women, and how the market can benefit everyone, women included,” she says.

Amen, sister …

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