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Record GM Recalls




Believe it or not, we still build stuff in America … just not very well.

Take Government Motors … err, General Motors … which earlier this month reported having a record 825,805 vehicles sitting unsold on dealer lots. Well guess what, GM has now broken another record (and not a good one) – record recalls.

This time the company is dealing with a faulty dashboard light module in its 2004-08 Aveos – an issue which has caused an unspecified number of fires.

So far this year, GM has issued thirty recalls affecting 13.8 million vehicles – shattering 2004’s old record of 10.7 million recalled vehicles. Of course these troubling numbers have been overshadowed by the number ’13’ – which is how many deaths have been linked to an ignition switch problem in certain model compact cars.

The company issued a recall in that case back in February, but investigations have revealed GM knew about the problem for more than a decade and did nothing about it. Also, some suggest the death toll related to the ignition switch glitch is actually much higher.

The Detroit-based firm – which received billions of dollars in bailout money from taxpayers in 2008 – paid a federal fine of $35 million last week related to the issue, but still faces legal action over the debacle.

Good …

GM – once a vital engine of free market growth – has become a symbol of everything that’s wrong with this country.

Let it burn as far as we’re concerned … especially after the federal government screwed the company’s investors out of their money during the 2008 takeover as part of a sop to the labor unions.

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