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Polling T-Rav




For the second time in as many weeks FITS has received reports of political polls attempting to assess the viability of Thomas Ravenel’s potential U.S. Senate candidacy.

The former statewide official/ successful businessman/ reality television star has said he will run as an independent in the event left-leaning “Republican” (and two-term incumbent) Lindsey Graham secures the GOP nomination next month.

Two weeks ago, FITS received reports of Ravenel’s name being included in a poll designed to gauge support for candidates in another statewide race. This week, his name reportedly popped up in another survey testing approval ratings for Graham and other top-ranking South Carolina politicians – including Sen. Tim Scott and Gov. Nikki Haley.

So far, none of the polls have sought to “test messages” regarding Ravenel or his prospective candidacy.

“Testing messages” occurs when pollsters provide respondents with information about a specific candidate – positive or negative – in an effort to determine whether it sways their opinions. Accurate or not, items producing larger “swings” in opinion often wind up appearing in television commercials or other campaign propaganda.

Neither have any polls placed Ravenel on a U.S. Senate ballot and asked voters to choose between him and other candidates – although one pollster familiar with the upcoming race tells FITS “that’s coming.”

“The goal at the moment is simply to determine Mr. Ravenel’s favorability among South Carolinians who are registered to vote,” the pollster told FITS.