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Southern Charm Fans Want Second Season



Dear Editor,

We just started a grassroots campaign in an effort to assist getting Bravo Network’s reality show, Southern Charm, renewed for a second season.

To help our effort, we have created a Facebook page.

Additionally, we custom-designed a Southern Charm T-shirt campaign in hopes of getting media attention and ultimately, the attention of Bravo execs. As a play on a potential second season and the saying “Third Times a Charm,” our campaign slogan and shirt design state: Second Time’s The Charm (Est. 2014).

This campaign may be found HERE.

As we know you are a very popular blog with great respect in South Carolina and beyond, we’d appreciate if you would kindly consider including our efforts in a blog post or elsewhere on your site. Please note the T-shirt campaign is only for the next five days, so time is of the essence in that regard.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration.

Best Regards,

Southern Charm Fans


sic speaking

I sexed that show up. Therefore it must return. Seriously though thanks for submitting this and best of luck with the fan page and T-Shirt project … 

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