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Letter: Local Elected Official Responds To Newspaper Controversy



RE: SC Newspaper Censors Criticism Of Elected Officials

Dear Editor, Recently the Summerville Journal Scene decided to work towards keeping letters to the editor positive in nature instead of allowing what was evidently seen as attempts to tear down candidates with attacks instead of writing about why to support a different candidate. It seemed evident that some of these letters were geared at attacking me which has been the modus operandi of the opposition unfortunately this year.

While I appreciate the noble idea behind the decision by the Summerville Journal Scene to attempt to keep letters to the editor in this political season positive, it is difficult to support as legitimate and accurate criticism of an incumbent or candidate may not be heard when that voice could very well carry great wisdom and insight for decision making. I therefore support a policy that allows valid critiques of a platform or candidate. I am very happy to stand on my record. To be in public service is to invite scrutiny, both warranted and not warranted. I have had my share of both.

I appreciate the supportive letters from friends and the many emails and messages of support, prayer, and encouragement. I believe the tone and nature of most of the negative letters in question speaks for itself and the readers should be allowed to decide if they want positive dialogue and smart solutions, or more of the old wedge issue political pandering from those who are bitter and offer nothing but vitriol and rhetorical platitudes. People I talk with are tired of the cancerous methods of some and ready to continue leadership in a positive direction focused on integrity, results , and smart solutions. I am happy to help lead that movement and encourage you and your friends to join me.

I feel criticism is very healthy to hear as an elected official in order to improve how I do my job for you. As such, if you have a letter criticizing me, please send it to me at [email protected] so you can be sure I’ve heard your voice. Thank you and may God bless you and your family.

Jay Byars
Dorchester County Councilman
District 7


sic speaking

Hey Jay – Thanks for taking the time to respond to this issue. 

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