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Look Who’s Running For SC House




White Democrats in rural regions of South Carolina are an endangered species. Take S.C. Rep. Grady Brown (D-Bishopville), who represents portions of Lee and Sumter Counties in the S.C. General Assembly.

Brown looks, talks and dresses like a friggin’ plantation owner – so it’s not surprising he has drawn a black challenger in his Democratic primary race.

Lee and Sumter counties are the buckle of the “Black Belt,” an impoverished region of the country that stretches from Louisiana to Virginia – cutting a broad swath through the Palmetto State. Lee County’s black population was 64 percent according to the 2010 census, while Sumter County’s stood at 47 percent.

So again, it’s not surprising an African-American challenger has emerged to Brown in this district …

What is surprising? That Brown’s challenger is a self-described “androgynous” man who enjoys “rocking foundation, tweezed eyebrows, flawless manicures and glossy lips.”

Or at least used to …

Brian Alston, 24, went by the nickname “Bri” during his college days, and belonged to a group of gay cross-dressing men known as “The Plastics” (a reference to the 2004 comedy Mean Girls).

In fact check out this pic of Alston – which appeared in a 2010 issue of Vibe magazine.

brian alston

(Pic via Vibe)

“Straight boys are the ones who gave us the name,” Alston said of his clique.

Well you go, girlfriend …

Obviously we have nothing against gay, bisexual, cross-dressing, makeup-wearing or androgynous men running for office in South Carolina. We care about a candidate’s position on fiscal issues, not the positions they take in their personal lives.

Still, we suspect Alston’s flamboyant past might trump the flamboyance of “Plantation Brown” and his ‘do …


Yeah …

Good luck, residents of South Carolina District 50. May the best, um, “man” win.