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Letter: Help Eliza O’Neill



Dear Editor,

I know this is not a political issue or hot topic. However, would you please consider tweeting, posting on your site, or helping to get out the story of four-year-old Eliza O’Neill? Eliza has been diagnosed with Sanflippo syndrome that if left untreated will rob her of the ability to talk and walk, then cause painful seizures and ultimately kill her.

There is a cure in the form of a gene therapy trial, but if it’s to go forward in time to save Eliza and others who have been diagnosed from permanent neurological damage, the O’Neills need to pump some $2.5 million into the trial, at least a million of which needs to come before the end of June.

Eliza’s go fundme site: There is also a Facebook page at and more information can be found at

Time is running out for the first $1 million to be raised by June. Please consider helping to get Eliza’s story out.

Thanks for considering,



sic speaking

Anon … consider it done. And thank YOU for letting us know about this.

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