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CSOL Censorship




The student body president of the Charleston School of Law (CSOL) has been prohibited from speaking at the school’s graduation ceremony next month – allegedly for opposing the proposed sale of the school to diploma mill InfiLaw.

Daniel Cooper – president of the CSOL student bar association – was slated to speak at the event, but will now no longer be authorized to address his classmates.

The official reason? A desire to “shorten the program.”

But that’s cover for the real reason, we’re told …

According to our sources at the school, Cooper’s remarks were taken off the graduation ceremony program at the request of former U.S. magistrate judges Robert Carr and George Kosko – the two founders of the school who stand to reap a financial windfall from the controversial InfiLaw deal.

“How on earth could they allow any student to speak at graduation!” one CSOL student told FITS. “Since 100 percent of the student body opposes (selling the school) to InfiLaw.”

That’s correct …

Our sources also say Carr and Kosko were fearful that Cooper would lead students in a demonstration of support for founder Ed Westbrook, who has proposed several alternatives to selling the school to InfiLaw.

Exclusively reported on by FITS last summer, the takeover of CSOL by InfiLaw created a meltdown on campus – with the vast majority of students, teachers, staff and alumni coming out in opposition to the deal.

That opposition has only intensified in recent months …