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FITSNews Candidate Survey: Heather Wood



What’s your name? Heather Wood

Where are you from? Spartanburg, SC

What office are you running for? SC Statehouse District 37

What political party do you belong to? Republican

What’s your occupation? Account Manager for a marketing firm.

Are you a government employee or does your company receive contracts, incentives or other monetary subsidization from any government entity? (If yes, feel free to provide details). No.

Why are you running for this office? This community has been a big part of my family for three generations, so I am truly invested and committed to the people of Boiling Springs and Inman, and I believe they deserve one of their own to represent them.

What do you see as the most important issue facing your community/ city/ state/ country? (Please answer for each category irrespective of the office you are seeking). Focusing on community, city and state; infrastructure is a very serious problem for each of these categories. I realize we borrowed approximately a half a billion dollars as a part of last year’s budget to fix our roads, and we could have a conversation about how we had the money and didn’t need to borrow, but regardless- our roads and bridges are not being repaired in a timely manner. How are we supposed to be economically viable and attract businesses (jobs) with our roads and bridges in such disrepair?

As far as our country goes, the only true way to have an impact in turning this country around if for each state to have true conservatives representing the people, those with backbone to stand up to the federal government.

What would you do if elected to address those issues? I will work with those who are like-minded to accomplish our goals. I will not compromise my principles for the other side, and will fight to uphold the values our state and country were founded upon.

Why should people vote for you? I will bring honesty and integrity back to this seat. I have worked on numerous campaigns and already have a political network, and I believe this will help to give me the leverage to accomplish more for our community than my opponent.

If you are running in a contested election, why should people not vote for your opponent(s)? In my opponent’s first session, she voted to put my generation approximately a billion dollars in debt between the money which was borrowed for Boeing and the roads. She is not from this community, and hasn’t lived here in months, and only just moved back to run for the seat again. In general, she has been largely absent from her district.

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