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Paul Ryan’s Last Budget




U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan – the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nominee – unveiled his final spending blueprint this week. The status quo lawmaker from Wisconsin will be handing over the gavel of the U.S. House budget committee at the end of this year.

Ryan’s budget repeals U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine monstrosity in its entirety … yet in an ironic move it presumes to include projected budgetary savings resulting from the implementation of the law.

Assuming that ever happens …

At last count, Obama’s administration had acted – without Congressional approval, it’s worth noting – to alter, delay or eliminate sixteen different provisions of the hugely controversial law.

Anyway …

Ryan claims his budget would cut $5.1 trillion over the coming decade ($2 trillion of which ostensibly from eliminating Obamacare), thus bringing the federal budget in balance by the year 2024.

What he neglects to mention is that this is a “cut” over current policies. Government would continue to expand under Ryan’s proposal – from $4 trillion a year currently to $5 trillion a year by 2024.

Also, his revenue projections are almost as ludicrous as those contained in Obama’s spending plan – meaning the “balanced” budget he projects ten years from now is dependent on borderline hallucinatory revenue growth.

Nonetheless, Ryan is trotting out some familiar rhetoric …

“This budget stops spending money we don’t have,” he says. “A balanced budget will foster a healthier economy and help create jobs. This will ensure the next generation inherits a stronger, more prosperous America.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah …

We’ve heard all that before.

Once again we have concrete proof that Republicans are never going to cut government, they’re just going to grow it a little less obscenely than Democrats. Neither path is acceptable given our nation’s $17.5 trillion mountain of unpaid debt.

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