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Letter: Nikki Haley’s Dishonest Ad



Dear Editor,

Have you noticed every time the republicans take aim at the Democrats with a Obamacare horror story, it turns out the horror story is false?

Just saw the new attack ad from S.C. Governor Nikki Haley. I looked up the woman in the ad on LinkedIn :

And her husband:

Notice that they moved to Easley, S.C. in October 2012 when he took a new job .

She says “last year” their costs were up 30 percent. So they change job/employer and move to a different state and blame the “cost” increase on Obamacare??

When you switch jobs, your insurance changes.

Is it dishonesty or incompetence?



sic speaking

Hold up … people still go to LinkedIn?

Seriously, though … expecting honesty in a political ad from Nikki Haley is like expecting soft kisses from a brood of pit vipers.


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