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SC House Race Pits Stepmom Vs. Stepdaughter




A South Carolina political soap opera has spawned an interesting electoral matchup …

Twenty-three-year-old Heather Wood, daughter of veteran Palmetto political consultant Kerry Wood, will run against her stepmother Donna Wood (R-Spartanburg) for the S.C. State House seat won by the latter in 2012.

For those of you keeping score at home that’s Wood versus Wood … with another Wood working the sidelines.

Heather Wood filed paperwork this weekend to run against her stepmom for the S.C. House District 37 seat – the latest development in a nasty separation that has this family’s dirty laundry being aired in public.

“Very proud of her for stepping up even though I wish this was taking place under different circumstances,” Kerry Wood wrote on his Facebook page.

Kerry Wood has accused his soon-to-be ex-wife of using her position as a public official to threaten him and improperly involve local law enforcement in their domestic dispute. Earlier this week he hinted that he would be running a candidate against her.

“I run candidates all the time to take out incumbents … just taking on another race and will run to win like I always do,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Heather Wood – an account manager for an Upstate marketing firm – says that she won’t be relying exclusively on her father for political advice.

“I’ve worked plenty of campaigns myself,” she told FITS. “I think I can handle this one.”

Donna Wood declined to comment on her step-daughter’s candidacy, referring us to her attorney – fellow S.C. Rep. Doug Brannon (RINO-Spartanburg).

“Representative Wood has done an excellent job taking care of her constituents and that should be the focus of this race, not personal family issues being aired in a political setting,” Brannon told FITS.

Brannon added that the marriage between the Woods was “a short marriage” and that the two should just “go their separate ways.”

“Unfortunately one party doesn’t seem to want that,” Brannon said.

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