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Release: Libertarian Steve French Files For Governor



COLUMBIA, South Carolina (March 27, 2014) – Steve French has filed as the Libertarian candidate for governor today, offering the voters of South Carolina a real choice come November 4th.  South Carolina deserves new leadership that will bring real change when our state so desperately needs it.  Voters have been leaving both the Democrat and Republican Party in droves, and independent voters are rapidly becoming the largest section of the electorate.  We feel it is time to give those voters a voice in this election cycle.

“What we need is a complete break from the system that has failed us for decades,” said Steve French. “South Carolina has so much potential that is being held back by our state’s ‘good ol’ boy network’; we can unleash that potential by electing someone that is not tied down to party rhetoric.”

Steve French announced his intention to run at the end of February and has since been meeting with leaders of many movements across the state honing in his ideas and platform.  “When it comes down to it, it’s a simple message—that people are smart enough to make decisions on their own.  Therefore, my policies default to more freedom.”

“I feel like neither Nikki Haley nor Vincent Sheheen will bring change for the better of South Carolina.  We need to set South Carolina on a new path that will lead us into the 21st century.”  Citizens of South Carolina have had a host of problems including:

  • Being one of the hardest states in the Union to achieve the American dream, according to the Pew institute.
  • Many of Nikki Haley’s jobs have failed to materialize while she brags about a dropping unemployment rate; the real reason behind this is not her brilliance but a continuing drop in the labor participation rate—almost five whole percentage points behind the national average.
  • South Carolina is the only state in the Union that doesn’t require our legislature to report their private income, and our politicians exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Billions of dollars being given out to special interests while the average small business has to pick up the tab.

Meanwhile, Sheheen seems to be focusing his entire campaign on dumping more money into our government’s coffers.  South Carolina deserves real change and Steve French is the man to give it to them.  Included in his vision for a South Carolina that can compete in the 21st century are the following:

  • Eliminating our state’s income tax.  There are currently nine states that have no income tax and they have created 63% of the jobs in the entire country over the last decade.  We should be the 10th.
  • Education vouchers.  Putting money into the system closest to the child (as opposed to a distant bureaucracy) will develop a dynamic and powerful marketplace for education.  If we implemented true school choice, it would be one of the greatest anti-poverty movements in history.
  • Implementing a no-harm, no-foul social policy.  We believe everyone has the right to their own pursuit of happiness as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.  This would include every civil liberty you can imagine:  Freedom to decide who to marry, freedom to decide whether or not to gamble, freedom to decide what to smoke, etc.  French believes that 200 politicians in Columbia have no business telling you how to live your life as you see fit.

Simply put, Steve French offers South Carolina a choice.  If voters think that the path we are headed down now is a good one then a vote for either Sheheen or Haley will guarantee them more of the same.  If, however, they think there is a better direction for South Carolina, then those voters will have a choice in Steve French.  Learn more at


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