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Charlotte Mayor Arrested On Corruption Charges



Patrick Cannon – a black Democrat in his fourth month as mayor of Charlotte, N.C. – was arrested Wednesday on multiple public corruption charges (including theft and bribery).

According to federal authorities, Cannon solicited up to $1 million in illegal bribes from federal agents posing as commercial developers – promising to pull strings for their projects in exchange for a wide array of gifts.

Cannon, 47, faces up to fifty years in prison and $1.5 million in fines if convicted.

According to The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, Cannon received cash payments as well as “airline tickets, a trip to Las Vegas, and use of a luxury SouthPark apartment” from the undercover agents.

In one instance on February 21, he allegedly took a briefcase with $20,000 cash inside from the undercover agents in the mayor’s office.

Sheesh … this guy needs to take lessons in thievin’ from Da Mayorhood.

Or maybe not … 

Cannon served for nearly 20 years on Charlotte’s city council before being elected mayor last year. He will remain mayor, incidentally, until he either resigns or is convicted.

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