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2013 Vote: “Mayorhood” Reelected In Columbia SC



Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin was reelected by a broad margin in this week’s municipal election in South Carolina’s Capital City – which came as a shock to no one given his commanding lead in the polls.

The incumbent thrashed challenger Moe Baddourah by a whopping 64-36 percent margin – which makes sense when you consider Baddourah sounds like the name of an al-Qaeda operative.

A third candidate – former FBI analyst Larry Sypolt – dropped out of the race with a week to go and endorsed Benjamin. Sources tell FITS Sypolt is in line to receive a job with the City of Columbia’s much-maligned police department as a reward for his late conversion to Team Benjamin.

Ahhh yeah … “Mayorhood … Mayorhood always up ta no good.”

Anyway, Benjamin’s victory means Columbia, S.C. will move full speed ahead with his vision of “public safety,” “infrastructure” and “economic development.”

Awesome, right?

Oh well … taxpayers are shelling out big money to provide Benjamin with a chauffeur now, so hopefully we won’t have a repeat of what happened in the aftermath of his 2010 electoral victory.