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Quinn Poll: Mike Campbell SC-2 Favorite




Mike Campbell – son of former S.C. Gov. Carroll Campbell – would be the favorite to win a hypothetical “Republican” primary for lieutenant governor of South Carolina, a poll commissioned by his political consultant Richard Quinn reveals.

According to Quinn’s poll, Campbell – who ran unsuccessfully for this office in 2006 against Andre Bauer – is supported by 28.3 percent of likely primary voters. S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s hand-picked candidate, Pat McKinney, received the support of 9 percent of respondents.

Most voters – 60.8 percent – were undecided.

“Mike has a lot of residual name ID from the last time he ran for lieutenant governor, and of course, his last name is iconic in South Carolina, so he’d be a good candidate,” Quinn told Real Clear Politics.

According to Quinn – who would likely run Campbell’s race (if he jumps in) – Campbell is known to more than half of the state’s GOP primary voters (52.5 percent) and is viewed favorably by a six-to-one margin.

Campbell has yet to formally announce his candidacy, but he’s been open about his interest in the race.

Also, it’s clear his candidacy would benefit from the establishment support of outgoing S.C. Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell – who has repeatedly sparred with Haley. McConnell announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection – ostensibly forced out of the race by Haley’s aggressive recruitment of McKinney, a wealthy Lowcountry real estate developer.

McConnell is currently the odds-on favorite to become the next president of the College of Charleston – thanks to a flood of improper legislative pressure.

Whoever wins the GOP nomination for this seat will face S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers – a fiscal moderate who has actually staked out some positions to the right of the “Republican” establishment.

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