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House Of Cards: For Dummies




We’ve highlighted content from the group Learn Liberty once or twice in the past …

The organization – which aims to advance scholarship related to “the importance of free markets, voluntary exchange, individual rights and peace” – has a nifty video up this week which seeks to impart basic lessons from the hit Netflix political drama, House of Cards.

How basic? Well, for us watching Learn Liberty’s video – entitled “Frank Underwood’s Top Three Lessons for the Voting Public” – was like going back to Kindergarten.

Or receiving a telegram from Captain Obvious.

According to Learn Liberty, the lessons are …

1- As a general principle, we should be skeptical of politicians

2- Politicians trade favors for their own self-interest

3- Politics attracts those who are skilled at public relations, favor trading and power plays.

Well … duh. x 3.

Of course the video – while simplistic – is absolutely on point in debunking the liberal mainstream media’s criticism of the show.

“Though some might call House of Cards deeply cynical, it’s better described as an unromantic and realistic view of politics,” the video’s narrator, St. Lawrence University economics professor Steve Horwitz, says.

Horwitz is also correct when he notes that the solution to the problems outlined above is “a more limited government.”

“If we want to prevent more Frank Underwoods from climbing the political ladder, we need to change the incentives of politics in order to reduce the power of politicians,” he states.

Amen to that …

Here’s the clip …

(Click to play)

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