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We’ve never had a problem with do-nothing Congresses (the less they do, the better as far as we’re concerned), but assuming you’re in search of some productivity from your lawmaker … have we got a story for you.

Pictured above is U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney, who decided to break out the snow plow for his neighbors in Indian Land, S.C. – a town near the North Carolina-South Carolina border that was hit with several inches of snow from Winter Storm Pax.

Good thing Mulvaney was Johnny on the spot, too … as there’s no telling when the Palmetto State’s competency-challenged Department of Transportation (SCDOT) would have gotten around to it …

One of the few bona fide pro-free market Republicans in Washington, D.C. – it looks as though Mulvaney is also one of the few lawmakers with a legitimate interest in helping the people he represents.

Props, Congressman …

(h/t The Quinton Report)