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Problems At John De La Howe



South Carolina taxpayers shelled out $5.4 million last year on a “school” for at-risk children who have serious behavioral problems – despite the fact that numerous other state agencies are tasked with the care and treatment of these children.

Not only that, the John de la Howe School – which boasts of being “a first-rate, child caring agency” – apparently has no established methodology for determining the successfulness of its programs.

Board members at the school were blasted for their lack of accountability during a legislative hearing in Columbia, S.C. last week. And last Friday the school fired its president – Thomas Mayer – in response to that hearing.

Good … now the rest of the staff needs to be sacked along with him.

The John de la Howe school has been the focus of scrutiny for more than a decade – dating back to former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s determination that the agency was “greatly underutilized.”

That’s an understatement as far as we’re concerned …

Lawmakers need to do away with this school … and place the money they save (and make from selling its assets) into a rebate fund for taxpayers.




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