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Graham, Haley Staffers: Don’t “Like” Sic’s Kids



Our founding editor is insufferable.  “An equal opportunity asshole,” as one GOP consultant once put it.  You can count the number of Christmas card lists he makes on one hand – and the number of politicos who publicly acknowledge his existence on the other.

Such derision is to be expected, though.  This website consistently – often impolitely – calls out the powerful individuals and interests representing South Carolina’s failed status quo.  And it turns out people don’t like it all that much when their hypocrisy is exposed.

In fact staffers for South Carolina’s two most powerful politicians – U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Nikki Haley – have reportedly forbidden employees and volunteers from “liking” anything Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) posts on his Facebook page, including pictures of his adorable family.

“Your kids are SO beautiful!!!!” one Haley volunteer texted us recently. “Wish I could ‘like’ the pics you posted but I’ve been told I cannot do that.”


According to the volunteer Haley’s political director Kurt Pickhardt – the architect of Haley’s less-than-impressive 2014 reelection kickoff event – specifically instructed her to stop “liking” (and commenting on) pictures of our founding editor’s children.

Previously, multiple sources have confirmed to FITS that Pickhardt instructed them and other volunteers not to share content from FITSNews on their social media accounts – or risk losing their positions with Team Haley.

Meanwhile a staffer for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham tells FITS one of his colleagues was recently called out at a campaign meeting for commenting on a picture of Folks’ children – although he declined to identify the staffer in question (or give us their position with the campaign).

Ridiculous, huh?

We take efforts like this – and efforts by state agencies to block our website – as badges of honor.  It means we’re under their skin – which is where precisely we’re going to stay so long as they keep playing fast and loose with your liberties (and your tax dollars).