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Taxpayer Funded PC Police: Hard At Work In SC



So the website Campus Reform has posted a funny video of a “diversity officer” at the College of Charleston (S.C.) giving students hell for standing up for their Second Amendment rights.

Kristie Brian – the director of diversity education and training at the “College of Knowledge” – assails the students for wearing prison jumpsuits as part of a protest against the school’s restrictive gun policies.

“That kind of mockery of the really serious violence that is so endemic in our society is extremely troubling to me, and to see someone standing out here having fun, standing out here passing out fliers in prison jump suits is very offensive to me,” Brian says, shortly before asking the students to provide her with their names.

She also says the costumes are every bit as offensive as “a white guy blacking his face and being Trayvon Martin for Halloween.”

Really, lady?

Just wait until you see the costumes your school’s future president likes to wear …  (assuming South Carolina lawmakers get their way).

Anyway, here’s the video …

(Click to play)

Nice …

College of Charleston officials reportedly called local law enforcement to the scene of the protest in an effort to disrupt it – but the police correctly chose NOT to silence the protesters’ First Amendment rights.

Guess at least one Amendment is still being honored (for now).

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