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GOP Leader Doesn’t Want Gay Candidates



The Republican Party is dying for two reasons …

Reason No. 1: At a time when America desperately needs elected officials taking concrete steps to shrink government’s size and scope, the vast majority of “Republicans” are joining Democrats in kicking the can down the road (and raising taxes while they do it). There’s simply no pro-free market, pro-liberty party anymore.

Reason No. 2: At a time when most Americans are recognizing the inherent evil of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (which is every bit as bad as discrimination based on gender, race or religion), many “Republicans” are clinging to outdated biases against gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

Consider the case of U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes – who according to Politico is leading an effort have the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) block funding for gay candidates

Yeah … and after you consider that, consider the silence (or muted criticism) of many GOP lawmakers in response to Forbes’ actions.

Seriously … we’re not even going to bother to call the South Carolina GOP congressional delegation because half of them probably support Forbes and the other half are probably too scared to stand up against him.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but there is no gay way to cut taxes … just as there is no black way to raise them. There is no Christian way to cut spending, nor is there a male way to expand it.

Candidates are either supportive of the free market and individual liberties or they are supportive of the increasingly rabid federal government that’s eroding both of these societal pillars.

In other words we’ll take a pole-smoking Satanist who protects our wallets and pocketbooks (and our religious freedoms) over a devout Christian looking to continue America’s failed crony capitalist/ dependency economy any day.

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