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It’s A Great Day To Be A Bureaucrat



If you’re a government official in Richland County, S.C., you get to do pretty much whatever you want …

Like park in (or in this case all over) handicapped parking spaces – whether you have a handicapped tag, sticker or pass displayed on your vehicle.

One of our readers capture this yellow Ford Thunderbird parked a Kroger grocery store in downtown Columbia, S.C. on Monday morning.

“There was no handicapped sticker or card on – or in – this car,” our source says.

So whose car is it?

The license plate is a statewide speciality tag for one of the state’s clerks of court …  and in Richland County, S.C., the clerk of court is none other than Jeannette McBride (whose family was at ground zero of the $1.2 billion “Richland County Robbery,” last year’s stolen election).

We’ll let you know if we confirm the identity of the driver …

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