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SC Schools: Crappy Results = Pay Raises



Another day, another scandal in Greenwood County, S.C. – which has been popping on our radar more than usual lately.

We know all about the corruption at the local sheriff’s office and the ineptitude of one of its local school districts – but now another Greenwood school district is raising eyebrows.

According to The Index Journal, Greenwood School District 50 superintendent Darrell Johnson recently received a 2 percent raise (to $156,497 a year not counting benefits) and a two-year contract extension despite the fact his students are falling further behind.

Best of all (or “worst” if you are a taxpayer)? The new deal was awarded after what the paper describes as a “two-hour, closed door evaluation.”

Under Johnson’s “leadership,” Greenwood 50 has seen its standing on federal and state academic “accountability” measures plummet. Yet this guy gets a raise and an extension after a closed-door meeting?

Gotta love government monopolies …

Sadly, rewarding failure is par for the course in state government. In fact if you think rural black leaders are getting the big bucks for their incompetent performance, you should visit the S.C. State House to see how the rich white people do it.

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