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More Obamacare Problems



Less than a week before it is scheduled to take effect, yet another key provision of U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine law is being delayed.

The so-called “SHOP exchanges” for small businesses – scheduled to open on October 1 – have been delayed until November according to The Politico.

“The one-month delay is not a major blow to the health care law … but it’s yet another PR headache for the White House as it ramps up a major Obamacare sales pitch just five days before open enrollment is scheduled to begin,” the website reports.

Other key provisions of Obamacare – most notably its employer mandate – have already been delayed with absolutely no regard as to the legality of such decisions.

Bottom line? More than three years after it was rammed through the U.S. Congress, Obamacare is still being written. In fact top White House advisors have admitted as much – with one senior aide recently saying the administration would “continue to make changes as needed.”

No, no, no, no … NO.

That is NOT how it works, people.

““The Obama Administration does not have the authority to cherry pick which provisions of the law to enforce or ignore, and which ones to implement or delay,” U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan said. ” If the law is unworkable, as the President’s actions have repeatedly shown, then he must work with Congress to delay or amend it.  This is just further proof that ObamaCare is unworkable and must be fully repealed and replaced.”

He’s absolutely right …

The latest Obamacare delay comes as the GOP-controlled U.S. House and the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate are at an impasse over funding for the increasingly unpopular legislation. If no deal is reached by midnight on September 30, there would be partial shutdown of the federal government.

Which frankly is something we welcome …