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SCGOP To Stage Anti-Sheheen Rally



South Carolina “Republicans” will gather this week to embrace incumbent Gov. Nikki Haley as their prospective 2014 gubernatorial nominee – and launch a website attacking her likely Democratic opponent, Vincent Sheheen.

The pro-Haley (anti-Sheheen?) rally will be held at SCGOP headquarters in downtown Columbia, S.C. (here) at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Now … is there any real difference between Haley and Sheheen? At least on bread and butter issues that matter – like taxes, spending and education? Of course not … but this is “two-party South Carolina,” people, and the special interests which run those parties (and run this state into the ground) have a circus to put on.

So let’s pretend this stuff matters for their sake, mmm-kay? Good …

Anyway, “Republicans” will gather to publicize the launch of the website, which we’re told is the GOP’s answer to the anti-Haley site,

We’re also told this is another chance for elected officials who failed to show at Haley’s recent sparsely attended campaign kickoff rally in Greenville, S.C. to show their faces in support of the governor’s reelection bid.

“(Haley political advisor) Kurt Pickhardt will be there making a list of who shows and who doesn’t,” one GOP operative told us.

The show of force is designed to put the kibosh on rumors of a possible primary challenge against Haley – who has alienated fiscally conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers by marching hard to the ideological left shortly after her 2010 election.

Will it work? We’ll find out ..

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