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SCGOP Cash Problem Persists



Two months ago we noted the S.C. Republican Party (SCGOP) was facing a serious cash shortage compared to the S.C. Democratic Party. According to the latest federal filings, that problem persists.

The SCGOP currently has just $11,000 in cash on hand according to its July filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). By contrast, the S.C. Democratic Party has a whopping $169,000 in cash on hand.

That’s quite a gap … and it grows even larger when the two party’s state accounts are factored into the mix.

The SCGOP’s state account has a little under $24,000 – compared to $85,000 for the SCDP. That puts the total tally at $35,000 for the SCGOP and $254,000 for the Democrats.

Yikes …

Obviously both parties are ideologically bankrupt as far as we’re concerned, but it is curious to see the party of “fiscal conservatism” in such dire straits financially.