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When Does Nikki Haley Not Hate Barack Obama?



Like this website’s founding editor, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley loves to rail on U.S. President Barack Obama … well, right up to the point she needs his administration to pony up cash.

The first-term “Republican” governor – who has repeatedly bashed Obama since taking office in 2011 – is once again relying on federal largesse controlled by his cabinet to help her state out in a pinch.

Specifically, Haley has joined with former S.C. House Democratic leader Harry Ott to ask Obama’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) to approve low interest “emergency” loans for South Carolina farmers dealing with crop loss due to recent rain. Ott, of course, is no stranger to federal aid – having received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal farm subsidies over the years.

Also seeking the loans? S.C. Agriculture Secretary Hugh Weathers – who just got through completing a costly renovation of his totally superfluous government office.

This isn’t the first time Haley has gone hat in hand to the federal government. Two years ago, she requested – and received – a $52 million loan to keep her struggling Department of Transportation (SCDOT) afloat. She’s also spent hundreds of thousands of federal dollars on a state-run workforce training initiative – which she vowed wouldn’t “cost the state anything.”

Wait … did South Carolinians quit paying federal taxes?

On a much larger scale, Haley has spent tens of millions of dollars to expand South Carolina’s Medicaid rolls with the goal of drawing down more money from Washington, D.C. – a policy which costs the state money over the long haul and breeds additional dependency.

Despite all of this, Haley continues to bash Obama to her “Republican” base …

“The hardest part of my job continues to be this federal government, this administration, this president,” Haley said during a speech to the 2012 Republican National Convention last August.

Again … except when she needs the money.


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