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Obama Approval Rating Tanks



U.S. President Barack Obama’s approval rating dipped three points this month, according to Gallup pollsters – from 47 to 44 percent. However it was Obama’s marks on the economy which truly fell off of a cliff.

Only 35 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the economy – down seven points from a month ago. Meanwhile a whopping 62 percent disapprove of how Obama is handling economic issues.¬†That’s his worst economic reading since November 2011.

“It may be summer, but Americans are not all smiles and sunshine,” Gallup’s pollsters noted.

Ya think? Hopes for an economic recovery have given way to the grim realities of America’s “New Normal,” in which economic growth remains sluggish, job growth remains elusive and the soaring federal debt looms as a ticking time bomb.

No wonder Americans are less-than-enthralled with Obama’s “leadership” on the economy …

Anyway, courtesy of Gallup, here’s a look at Obama’s economic approval readings over the course of his term in office …

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