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The War On (Toy) Guns



A juvenile judge in Maryland wants to ban toy guns from the state – arguing they present a danger to children.

“Some little child is going to die, or somebody is going to use that (gun) in the commission of a robbery. It looks that real,” judge Zakia Mahasa said, according to WBAL TV 11 (NBC – Baltimore, Maryland). “If the people who are selling them don’t care enough about our kids, I think we, as a community, should force them not to sell them.”

Mahasa – a Muslim – has been a master (a.k.a. a magistrate equivalent) in Maryland since 1997 when she became one of the first Muslim judges in America.

Local conservative bloggers pounced on Mahasa’s “crackdown.”

“This is Maryland, the same state that suspended a child for eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun, suspended another for making ‘pow’ sounds while pointing his finger, and suspended two students for playing cops and robbers at recess,” wrote Jeff Quinton of The Quinton Report.

We agree … this is ridiculous. In fact it’s every bit as ridiculous as the real crackdown on non-toy guns.

Decisions on when (and if) children should be allowed to play with toy guns ought to be the exclusive domain of parents.