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Nikki, Grab Your Guns



Back when our founding editor was hooking it up with then-S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley, she was a newbie when it came to guns … having just received her concealed weapons permit.

Now Haley is all about weapons … as evidenced by this collage taken from a recent visit to FN Manufacturing, the company at the heart of a recent controversial gun deal with the City of Columbia, S.C.

(Click to enlarge)

nikki gun

Whoa …

We seldom have anything nice to say about Haley, but that’s a pretty hot set of pics. And while there is a virtually infinite list of things to criticize about her record as governor, her support for Second Amendment right isn’t one of them.

So good for Haley …

There, we said it. Mark the date on your calendars.


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