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Chantal: Heading For Soaked South Carolina?



The current forecast track for Tropical Storm Chantal (ummm … who names these things, anyway?) has the storm on a collision course with South Carolina.

And while the tropical system isn’t expected to pose much of a threat in terms of wind and waves, it could dump plenty of fresh rain on a state that’s been thoroughly drenched over the last two months by an abnormally high number of summer thunderstorms.

It’s been such a wet couple of months that South Carolina has actually exceeded its average precipitation for the entire year – and we’ve still got nearly six full months to go.

A major tropical system making landfall in our state within the week could push our state’s lakes and rivers to their breaking point …

For those of you keeping score at home Chantal is currently churning in the Caribbean Sea, where it is expected to pass through the Dominican Republican and Haiti sometime Wednesday afternoon. From there, forecast models have the storm moving northwest past Cuba and the Bahamas – with the South Carolina Lowcountry squarely at the center of its five-day projected path.

Take a look …

chantal projected path

Yikes …

The good news? While it may briefly achieve Hurricane status before slamming into Hispaniola tomorrow, at this point Chantal is not expected to strengthen to a Hurricane prior to making its U.S. landfall.

Forecasters have predicted an “extremely active” tropical season in 2013 – and the emergence of Chantal in early July would seem to bear that out.

Anyway, stay tuned to FITS as we continue to track this developing tropical threat …


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